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Art&Heritage was created by Céline Brugeat, PhD graduate in the history of medieval art and a specialist in French sculpture and architecture. Through her experience in France and in the United States, she has extensive knowledge on the history of American collections and the art market.


 After conducting studies in History, Art History (Paris IV - Sorbonne) and in Political Sciences (Sciences Po Paris), Céline Brugeat was recruited in 2009 as a curaturial assistant and research associate at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Annette Kade fellowship).


She undertook a complete study of French cloisters reassembled into the Cloisters and also those conserved in other institutions (Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Cleveland Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of Art, Toledo Museum of Art, Gardner Museum in Boston, Hearst Castle California, etc.) as well as private collections in France, the United States and Bahamas.



 Commissioned by museums, local authorities or collectors, Céline Brugeat is regularly called upon to provide research, to elaborate inventories and to attribute original pieces of the French heritage.